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♓  A New Sign appeared  ♓

♒  but the New Era already started. ♒

Rushing out of Pisces is Aquarius over ruling the water. 

The 28th Begins 

When you are Disturbed and Twiztid 
but you still show up to the WIN party.

The OA reminds you of something very important, very special. 

It is not a school, it is not Prime or Math, it is not Government nor is it 7 or 33s 

It is not Binary- O's or 1's,  nor is it Base 10 or 64. We are not First nor Last or Red nor Blue.

It is actually you and your originality and your thoughts and ideas.

 That's what the future holds dearest to us all. 

Nobody has to talk down to you or say your wrong.

Everyone deserves to be helped and showed a good way. 

Its OK to be a good example of a bad example as long you do better for yourself and prove it.

Let the ♌  .:L:.I:.O:.N:.  ♌ guide you to your pride. 

When you are there be a leader and do something good. 

Respect mother earth always and clean everywhere. 

Remember why we dance and enjoy life.

Never forget the future of your grandchildren .

They will never forget what you chose.

Time is real and you can manipulate it for the better starting anytime.

If you keep following the stars you will find the next portals are just ahead in the future by R all you gotta do is remember.